Road Laws in Kenya

Basic Road Laws Motor Vehicle Operators Must Know in Kenya

The arm of the law is long. It reaches in almost all places, it touches every aspect of governance, resource utilization and every venture. The long arm of the law even regulates matters regarding use of roads. In Kenya, below are some of the basic road laws that affect motor vehicle operators.

Keep left

As a principle, in Kenya, operators of motor vehicles must drive on the left side of the road. It is commonly stated as “keep left”.

Minimum Age

To ride a motorcycle, one must be at least 16 years. To drive a car, van or truck, one must be at least 18.

Driving Permit

All drivers must have a recognised driver’s license. In Kenya, drivers’ licenses are issued by the National Transport Services Authority.

Seat Belts

All drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt.


As law, all vehicles must have third party insurance covers.

Drinking and Driving

The legal maximum of alcohol in the blood is 80 mg per 100ml of blood. Any amount above this is a violation of traffic laws. The culprit risks having their car impounded and paying a hefty fine.

Speed Limits

In towns and cities, the speed limit is 50 km/h. Out of towns and cities, the speed limit is 110 km/h.

Towing Regulations

A car being towed must display a large ‘T’ sign in an unobscured position.

Use of Mobile Phones

Operators of motor vehicles must not use mobile phones while driving.


Vehicles must be parked in designated parking slots. Violation of this law will cause your car to be clamped and will also attract a fine.

General laws

It’s illegal to leave the engine running when the is car unattended.

All cars must have a fire extinguisher

All cars must have a first aid box

No vehicle should stop on a bridge. The speed limit when driving on a bridge is 10m/h


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